Thursday, November 16, 2006

10 Question Quiz B@stards !

Being partially Itallian, I take a particular interest in revenge as a concept. I've never been one to think of revenge as being particularly 'hollow' ... I must say that the moments of revenge I've been able to deal out have been ( usually ) honey sweet.

But then - that's probably BECAUSE of the Italian blood. Revenge is an art-form in that culture.

The reason I'm dwelling on revenge is to do with something that happened this morning. Something small and probably insignificant to most - but something which irked a central tennet of my being.

To put this in context - I very rarely hang out in the staff room of a morning. I'm usually feverishly trying to throw something together for lessons that day ! But - now that the seniors have left ( cue the choir singing "Hallelujah" ) to go on study leave ( read "sit around and play video games / watch day-time soaps / pick nose leave" ... ) I had a little more time up my sleeve that usual. So I thought it might be nice to go and partake of a glass of water with my colleagues.

When I got there the usual gang of like-minded staff I generally 'hang' with were all doing the 10 Question Quiz thing in the Newspaper. As I sat down the "Quizmaster" was asking "Which film features a character saying, in response to the question "What are you rebelling against?", "What have you..."

"Oh - 'Rebel Without a Cause' ! No - wait, it's actually 'The Wild One' " I said happily - pleased to be able to answer a question.

At which point I get verbally savaged by three of the others ! "HEY ! Don't answer a question BEFORE it's finished !", "You're not a REGULAR at this Seraph ! You can't break protocol !" and various other crap. I was pretty shocked - it didn't sound like they were joking. I tried to laugh it off - "Well - I'm that kind of guy ! I break rules !" I replied airly.

"Not these rules you don't !" was the somewhat harsh reply.

"Crap" I thought to myself. Now - teachers CAN be funny about these sort of things. There are weirdo's who have little enclaves where they can be exclusionist and have strange little rules and routines about how things get done ( well - the CLASSROOM would be the first place I guess ... ). I certainly didn't want to be rocking any metaphorical boats - and I did feel kinda bad / embarrassed about it. I got the whole 'hot-blushy-feeling-cheeks-but-not-in-a-remotely-good-way" even.

So then what happens ? The quiz-master starts the next question "What would you do with a Sally Lunn - would you ..."

"YOU'D EAT IT!" say THREE of the bastards all at the same time !

"HEEEEEEEYYYYY !" I interject "What the hell happened to your 'Don't answer until the entire freaking question is read' freaking rule? Didn't you three just break it then and there ?"

"... We're 'charter' members here. We don't have to wait. You're not even a 'provisional' member..."

Sons of miserable running dog BITCHES !!

Okay - I'd fully agree, as one of the freaking 'founding-members' said later on in the day when they discovered that I was still somewhat upset by that, that I'm being like "one of the kids in not letting that go" - but somethings will not be bourne ! Dammit - there is a line in the sand and it has been freaking crossed this day !

I do not know what shape or form my revenge will take - but revenge I shall have for this day's work ...


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Anonymous said...

What a sad pack of losers. Sounds like they became teachers because they have control issues.

As for about you do a crossword when they are around, and when you read out a clue and they give you an answer, you say ok but write something else in everytime. It'll drive 'em nuts!

Hey and Seraph...use your blog in anyway you want. Your posts are always great.