Saturday, June 23, 2007

My NEW plan !

If I run amok in Upper Hutt with a semi-automatic weapon - they CAN'T make me finish my junior reports !

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!

And it IS Upper Hutt ! There isn't a court in the land that'll convict me !

Sweet suffering chilli beans - why have I never thought of this before ?!?!!


... and isn't 'amok' one of the greatest words EVER ? I must use it more in conversation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HD vs. BluRay

So - Viv tells me that HD will be the format of the masses soon. BluRau will shrivel and die and the consuming fires of the HD storm of burningness, shrieking "But why !? WHY??!?! WHY MAMA ?? WE DID GOOD !! We did good mama ! Why we burn now ?!"

And the answer lies in, of all things, porn.

Yeah - nothing to do with pixels, RGB definition, refresh rates or anything technical. Just dirty, filthy pawn-ogg-row-phee.


The SAME thing happened with VHS and Betamax. Beta was, when it came down to specs, the superior system. However - the porn industry pretty much exclusively used VHS. Result - the horror of burning damnation for Beta.

That's really gotta be VAST amounts of salt in a very nasty wound - rubbed in with one of those spinny floor-polishing thingies.

Might be time to reconsider getting a PS3... Ah - who cares, I'll get a PS3 when the fecking prices comes down a bit, porn or no.

I'll just have to get a xb360 for all my porn needs.

At least I'll finally be able to play 'Dead Rising' and 'Halo3' !!! ;)

*** Seraph takes no responsibility for his wife's porno theory of why Betamax failed and is merely reporting the story as he hears it. Any terse comments extoling other theories ( or documented facts ) will have nasty comments about their fashion sense whispered about them at fashionable high society parties the moment I ever get invited to one.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

An example of what I have to deal with

It's the last lesson with my year 8 performing arts class. Half the class are away at a sports exchange - so I decide to teach them how to play that timeless classic - charades .

They were enjoying it well enough - but man ! These guys just DON'T listen !

Case in point. Team 2 had just watched Team 1 ALMOST get their clue. They have a chance now to pick up the point.

"Right guys - you can pick up that point here if you can tell me their title. Let's review. It's a SONG. It has THREE WORDS. The FIRST word is 'beds'. The THIRD word is 'burning'. You know that the SECOND word is something fairly small. So, it's "Beds something burning". You've got ten seconds to decide on what you think it is." I say.

The ten seconds go by to much frenzied whispering.

"Okay guys - what do you think it is ?"

As one - like the tortured souls of the Abyss - they howl out at me -


Freaking hell. And they wonder why there's a teaching shortage. Some kids just need a good smack upside the head - I don't care WHAT Sue Bradford says.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goofing off - 'Sky High'

I swear - I keep thinking things like "...If I were to accidentally fall out the window and suffer multiple compound fractures ... then I wouldn't have to write any more reports !"

I'm so freaking sick of doing them !

Oh well - 2/3's of one class left. Hopefully I'll be out of here before six ( as I have to also set up some staging for a series of performances in my junior perfoming arts classes tomorrow - yay ).

I'm just so bad at staying focused on these things. I always find some way to get distracted and goof off on things which I shouldn't be wasting time doing. Like right now ! I shoudln't be writing this ! I should be writing how Student X needs to be more focused on his assessment tasks ( and no - the irony ISN'T lost on me ... ).

One quick recommendation before I go then - the movie "Sky-High". Quite possibly one of the best Super-Hero films I've seen ! It certainly schools a bunch of the 'proper' ones by a LONG way ! Jenni recommended it to me - and I got it in a DVD sale ages ago, I just got round to watching it last night ( ie - more goofing off ).

While I guess it's a kids film - it's pretty freaking great ! The messages and plot twists are farily obvious, but still are executed with charm and humour. Well worth a watch. I give it 4 spandex suits out of five.

Right - back to the linguistic torture that is report writing ...

Friday, June 08, 2007

In no particular order ...

I have been neglecting my duties as a member of the blogosphere and not updating with the vaguely interesting things I have done of late. Alas ! Many dark tasks have been thrust upon my by the dastardly education system !

NZQA NCEA Moderation !!

Marking !!

Reports !!!

Indeed - a grim weekend awaits me where I do NOTHING but these three things ! NOTHING! Yea - I shall be stuck behind yon freaking monitor for hour after lonely hour, with the occasional scream of frustration in between the long stretches of tapping at the keyboard and sobbing inconsolably.

Verily - it will suck donkey balls.

Here's a brief run down of other stuff in no particular order -

- Went to the 48 hour finals ! It was fun ! ( apart from the 40 minute or so lull where the equipment crapped out. That was pretty crap. Ironically - it happened just after the 'MC' had just been saying that they hadn't been plagued with technical difficulties this year. Hmmmm. ) I shall try to do a mini review sometime soon like Jenni did.

- Shot a small 'chase' film with Conan and some other people in prep for Conan's 'Winding City' story. That was pretty cool. Amazing what you can do in only a few hours really.

- Weight is now down to 79.3kg !! Holy crap ! Almost lost 20kg from when I started !

- Am trying to learn how to use illustrator properly. It can so AMAZING things !

- Have got a mac computer now ! ( still have a pc though ! ). It's very pretty / cool. Got it off my pal Jamie when he moved to Australia a couple of weeks back. Sad that it took such a drastic measure to get one ... I miss Jamie. :(
Still, I hardly got a chance to see him while he WAS here - so I don't know that I'm in such a position to feel that way ...

Right - now to try and catch up on some marking I need to do so I can then do my reports.

When does the hurting stop?

Monday, June 04, 2007


Well - the 48 hour film results were in this morning - and, shock and horror!, we didn't make it. This was hardly a surprise though.

What was a little more disappointing was that we didn't get the runner-up audience fav of our heat - I thought we had a real shot at that. Turns out they liked the revenge seeking hedgehog more ( and to be fair - I liked that one a lot too ! ). :(

Never mind ! I never entered to win the glittering prizes and accolades. Though I DO enjoy glittering prizes and accolades ...

Commiserations to 'Jenni's Angles' - who also didn't make the finals, and also to 'Cow Wins !' and all the other teams I know.

Hey - I'm looking forward to the mini-festival though !