Monday, August 17, 2009

The humming-ning

Poor Viva. She's not feeling well. She's got at a attack of the hay-fever, a cold and an ear ache.

And the humming has returned.

Oh no.

Viva can hear this humming. It comes and goes - but every now and then she'll accost me and start demanding to know if I can hear it.

"Can you hear that ? That humming ! DON'T look at me like that ! I can HEAR it ! Are you seriously telling me you can't hear that ? Listen ! Can you hear it ?"

And so on.

I've told her that I can't hear it and she's never quite believed me. She also has trouble accepting that I DON'T want to even TRY to hear it - in case I DO and then I can't NOT hear it again.

I suggested tonight that maybe it was like those people who can pick up radio signals with their teeth fillings. That seemed to spark her to look for symptoms on-line. Low and behold - there are quite a few people who suffer from this. Apparently it sounds a bit like hearing a light-saber from about 50-100 meters away. A bunch of people in Auckland were driven to almost madness by it.


Time to hide the sharp objects, program the emergency services number into the phone and sleep on the couch maybe.

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Things I found posted out the cat-door by Angelo this morning

1. My blue and red beanie.
2. His striped blue and green hat.
3. The pig piece from his farmyard jigsaw puzzle.
4. A pair of his socks.
5. A large multicolured duster.
6. A 'glad' plastic box container.
7. His 'That's Not My Dragon!" book.
8. A plastic part of something I couldn't readily identify. But it was quite big.
9. The 'Panic Button' novelty toy that Angelo has claimed from me.

But not the jar full of fish-oil tablets that he's taken from the pantry and hidden somewhere ...

The fish-oil tablets turned up the next day in the lounge floor. I still have no idea where he had hidden them. I sense trouble developing here...