Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Drawing for Angelo - Scary Coconut Tree

Angelo is currently OBSESSED with the 'scary coconut tree'. What's that ? It's from this interactive touchscreen game at the museum 'Survival'. You play this alien coming to earth who has to choose four different alien species to take with you to your new home - some choices are good for you ( but mess up the environment ) and some are bad for you ( for some reason you can't eat them when they're here ) . The 'Croakernut' tree is a bad one - it's too cold in NZ for it to survive, and it turns blue and dies.

Angelo has been talking about the 'scary coconut tree' for two days solid now. He's genuinely concerned for it - and thinks it's both scary and cute. The 'croakernuts' have faces which are a little creepy. I've told him that the scary coconut tree got taken home and that it's warm again now - and he seemed very happy that that was the case.

Anyway - I thought I'd try and draw a scary coconut tree for him.

From what I could remember I did an initial sketch :

The real Croakernut tree has more and bigger fronds - but I thought that was good enough. I showed Angelo and he was SO excited by it. He kept wanting to see it in the sketch book. When I told him I was making it better on the computer - he instantly wanted to see that too. 

Not quite finished yet - but it's well on the way. I'll print him out a copy or two when it's done - he might like colouring them in. 

The really cool thing was that Angelo was quite keen to draw a scary coconut tree himself. He was a little concerned that he couldn't do one, but he gave it a try in the end which was neat. I'll try and get a scan of that later ( not enough time this morning ! ).