Saturday, June 30, 2012

Dunesteef Cover art #4 - Initial layout

So - here's the first steps in the new cover art project. I've forgotten the name of the story right now, but it is about time-travel.

I just merged the first two sketches to create :

Very rough at this stage. Nothing new there though !

More as it happens.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New project coming !

Hey all. Just a quick note to say sorry I've not posted anything in a while. Things been super busy at work - no time for drawing.

BUT - I've agreed to do a new piece of art for The Dunesteef podcast. I've got some ideas - and I've started a few sketches already. Watch this space - more as it happens !

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Monster - vectors

I liked how that monster sketch was going, so I've been working on getting the lines done over the last couple of weeks or so. I was visiting my parents with the kids, and both Angelo and Lorenzo went off to feed the chickens with their Nonno - so I was able to finish off the last few lines for the first stage. 

And here it is : 

Not too bad at this stage !

Friday, June 01, 2012

Thing I made - The Pirate Ship Pinata - Finished

Oh yeah - I totally forgot to post some pics here of what the pirate ship pinata finally looked like !

I posted something on Facebook - but some of you won't be on facebook ! Here are some pics of how it turned out :

Not too bad I thought - especially for a first try at a pinata. I DID end up making it far too strong though. Before the party I had to pull out all the cardboard 'skeleton' and then I scored a number of 'structural weaknesses' into the hull with a craft knife. It was a good thing I did too - those kids NEVER would have broken it otherwise !

Here's the ultimate fate of the ship "

All that hard work - smashed ! Heh - well, that's what I built it for.
Afterwards, Angelo had a great time dragging it round playcentre by the rope :

Good times.

And now - A shakespeare joke !

I've not had a lot of time recently to do any drawing / art. My desktop computer being weird certainly hasn't helped - but on top of that there was the variety show, the ERO being in at work, NZQA moderation that we forgot we had to do and the various other things required of being a parent.

Anyway - here's a joke I heard at the Shelia Winn Shakespeare regionals I was at last term.

Shakespeare walks in a pub.
The barman says 'You can't come in here - you're barred !'

Get it ? Barred - Bard ?

I thought it was pretty funny.