Friday, February 29, 2008

Return of the Blue Sock

I was overjoyed to see that Viva had found my missing 'blue Monday' sock. It had been gone a week and seriously threatened to disrupt my morning routine.

I got a set of these black socks last year from the Warehouse - black socks with a difference ! On the heel and toe of each pair is a colour - and written on the 'sole' of each are the days of the working week. What is groovier is that the colours follow the progression of rainbow colours ( albiet in reverse ) :

Monday - Blue
Tuesday - Green
Wednesday - Yellow
Thursday - Orange
Friday - Red

Kinda neat huh ?

After one of the Blue Monday socks vanished ... it didn't feel right wearing the others. My whole dressing routine for the week - cast to the four winds ! It was a bleak time my friend. Bleak !

But - joy ! The lone sock turned up - much like a lost tramper in the Tararua ranges, it had simply stayed where it was until it was found. It was in the dryer - stuck to a weird upward area due to static.

Does this make me slightly OCDish ?


In an associated idea - am I the ONLY one who thinks 'Trinny and Susannah' are a pair of heinous bitches in need of a slow crushing via a steam-roller ?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

This does not bode well...

So I was leaving work. I packed up my computer, and my briefcase - walked out the office door and locked it.

I noticed then that I was still wearing my whistle ( used to get attention in class - 'The Black Whistle of Certain Doom' is what I've playfully christened it ). I like to leave it on my desk when I go. I'm wondering if I can be bothered unlocking the door and going back in when I remember that I left my lunch box in there ( a plastic old-school style design - neon pink in colour ).

Two items push me over the door-unlock threshold. I zap back inside, get items, lock door, set alarm, lock building, go to car.

It's not until I open the boot that I notice that I'm not in fact holding my lunchbox. I have instead, inexplicably, my stapler ( which is about 1/16 smaller, and blue ).

Something is very wrong here.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Just don't ask me again, okay ?

So I was walking past a meeting the HOD music was having with the itinerant music teachers. They were deep in discussion. They were trying to think up a name for a senior singing group. Something which would encourage them and not put them off the idea of singing.

I heard names like "The Lumberjacks" and some other equally painful ones that my mind has blocked out.

They asked me if I could think of something.

Hell yeah - I could think of something !

"The Totally Heterosexual Senior Crooners" !

They didn't seem to like it much.


Monday, February 11, 2008

Seraph's totally awesome solution for the tagging problem

Institiue a bounty.

Taggers captured by a registered bounty-hunter ( along with evidence of the crime, naturally ) are organ harvested - with 25% of the value of the organ going to the bounty hunter.

First conviction - a kidney.

Second conviction - a lung.

Third conviction - full organ harvest. Heart, lung, kidney, liver, retinas, bone marrow, blood, the freaking lot.

Viola ! The criminal has both paid for their crime, and contributed to society by donating their vital organs to someone who deserves them a hell of a lot more. No need to waste hard earned tax dollars in prison sentences or time-consuming community service.

I bet the problem would be significantly lessened. Sure - my answer for a range of crimes tends to boil down to 'organ harvesting' - but dammitt, those Greys had a damn good idea there when they were hovering aroung Roswell.

( sorry for Totalitarian Seraph voicing his vitriol here - I just watched a documentary on tagging and I am very angry indeed ... )