Tuesday, November 18, 2014

BoS Drawing Challenge - #97 Safety First

Another theme that had me stumped for a little :

Then I thought of safety hats ( as you do ), and then I couldn't get the idea of 'Hard Hat Mack', a video game from the early 80's, out of my mind. I used to play it on the Apple computers at school, and I eventually got it for my own Commodore 64. A fun little game - though it didn't have a great deal of levels.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

BoS Drawing Challenge - #96 Into the Storm

Okay - I'm skipping one just for the moment. It's planned out, but I'd like to try and do that one in illustrator. I'll be back for number 95.

'Into the Storm' had me stumped for a good long time. Finally, I hit upon this :

That is supposed to be Falkor, the luck-dragon, from 'The Never-Ending Story'. My one is more the book Falkor, rather than the film Falkor. Falkor in the book was ( from my memory anyway ) vaguely dog-like, otherwise pretty much all dragon. I never liked the Falkor from the film - I always thought he looked pretty dumb.

Anyway - I'm sure there's a part in the book ( which got edited out of the movie ) where Falkor gets into trouble with some storm giants. Or - if I'm imagining that - Falkor is here flying ahead of the Nothing storm - searching for Atreyu.

I couldn't be bothered doing much more than a quick colour fill on the outline here, and a 'difference cloud' render for the background. It worked out well enough !

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

BoS Drawing Challenge - #94 Last Hope

Okay - another of the 100 drawing challenge works -

I don't know - I'm not thrilled with this one. R2D2 was really hard to draw, and didn't really come out too well. Still - it's done !

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Cover Art - 'The 10th Album' - Finished

And it's done ! A day late - but the podcast guys didn't seem to be knocking down the door to get this from me - so I think I'm okay :

Added a drop shadow to the text, put in another child outline, added a texture to the background colour. I'm pretty happy with how this turned out.

Back to the Balls of Steel challenge !

Friday, November 07, 2014

Cover Art - 'The 10th Album' - more crosses

I think I was supposed to have this finished today. Oops. But I might actually have an extra day up my sleeve, seeing as it's American time we're talking about !

Still - there's not much left to do. Check it out :

I quite like how this has turned out. Nice and simple, but the composition isn't bad. I think I'll try and add some subtle textures here and there, but it's not far off being done.

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Cover Art - 'The 10th Album'

I know what you're thinking.

He's given up on the Balls of Steel challenge !

Nope - I'm still going on that. I have the next one drawn ( but not scanned or tidied ), the one after planned ( I want to try illustrator for that one perhaps ), and I'm working on the one after that ( essentially drawn now, just penning the lines properly ).

I have other things to get done though.

Like this cover art ! I know it needs to be done in November, and I've been kinda slack in getting it started. I'm making decent progress now though :

I have to add in five crosses on the bottom half, then try and get some more interesting texture on the silhouettes, and then add the text. I'm keeping this one pretty simple.