Sunday, November 16, 2014

BoS Drawing Challenge - #96 Into the Storm

Okay - I'm skipping one just for the moment. It's planned out, but I'd like to try and do that one in illustrator. I'll be back for number 95.

'Into the Storm' had me stumped for a good long time. Finally, I hit upon this :

That is supposed to be Falkor, the luck-dragon, from 'The Never-Ending Story'. My one is more the book Falkor, rather than the film Falkor. Falkor in the book was ( from my memory anyway ) vaguely dog-like, otherwise pretty much all dragon. I never liked the Falkor from the film - I always thought he looked pretty dumb.

Anyway - I'm sure there's a part in the book ( which got edited out of the movie ) where Falkor gets into trouble with some storm giants. Or - if I'm imagining that - Falkor is here flying ahead of the Nothing storm - searching for Atreyu.

I couldn't be bothered doing much more than a quick colour fill on the outline here, and a 'difference cloud' render for the background. It worked out well enough !

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