Thursday, June 14, 2007

An example of what I have to deal with

It's the last lesson with my year 8 performing arts class. Half the class are away at a sports exchange - so I decide to teach them how to play that timeless classic - charades .

They were enjoying it well enough - but man ! These guys just DON'T listen !

Case in point. Team 2 had just watched Team 1 ALMOST get their clue. They have a chance now to pick up the point.

"Right guys - you can pick up that point here if you can tell me their title. Let's review. It's a SONG. It has THREE WORDS. The FIRST word is 'beds'. The THIRD word is 'burning'. You know that the SECOND word is something fairly small. So, it's "Beds something burning". You've got ten seconds to decide on what you think it is." I say.

The ten seconds go by to much frenzied whispering.

"Okay guys - what do you think it is ?"

As one - like the tortured souls of the Abyss - they howl out at me -


Freaking hell. And they wonder why there's a teaching shortage. Some kids just need a good smack upside the head - I don't care WHAT Sue Bradford says.


BubbaJay said...

And yet if you butchered then and hid their bodies in the woods, you'd go to jail.
Where is the justice in that...?

Jenni said...

The fools! It was clearly the timeless classic "Beds be burning"!!!

Kids are dumb ;p

Conan said...


Oh... I do sometimes wonder if Atheists have it right when I hear stories like that. :D

Seraph said...

I knew you guys would understand.
Especially you Bubba.