Wednesday, June 20, 2007

HD vs. BluRay

So - Viv tells me that HD will be the format of the masses soon. BluRau will shrivel and die and the consuming fires of the HD storm of burningness, shrieking "But why !? WHY??!?! WHY MAMA ?? WE DID GOOD !! We did good mama ! Why we burn now ?!"

And the answer lies in, of all things, porn.

Yeah - nothing to do with pixels, RGB definition, refresh rates or anything technical. Just dirty, filthy pawn-ogg-row-phee.


The SAME thing happened with VHS and Betamax. Beta was, when it came down to specs, the superior system. However - the porn industry pretty much exclusively used VHS. Result - the horror of burning damnation for Beta.

That's really gotta be VAST amounts of salt in a very nasty wound - rubbed in with one of those spinny floor-polishing thingies.

Might be time to reconsider getting a PS3... Ah - who cares, I'll get a PS3 when the fecking prices comes down a bit, porn or no.

I'll just have to get a xb360 for all my porn needs.

At least I'll finally be able to play 'Dead Rising' and 'Halo3' !!! ;)

*** Seraph takes no responsibility for his wife's porno theory of why Betamax failed and is merely reporting the story as he hears it. Any terse comments extoling other theories ( or documented facts ) will have nasty comments about their fashion sense whispered about them at fashionable high society parties the moment I ever get invited to one.

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