Monday, June 04, 2007


Well - the 48 hour film results were in this morning - and, shock and horror!, we didn't make it. This was hardly a surprise though.

What was a little more disappointing was that we didn't get the runner-up audience fav of our heat - I thought we had a real shot at that. Turns out they liked the revenge seeking hedgehog more ( and to be fair - I liked that one a lot too ! ). :(

Never mind ! I never entered to win the glittering prizes and accolades. Though I DO enjoy glittering prizes and accolades ...

Commiserations to 'Jenni's Angles' - who also didn't make the finals, and also to 'Cow Wins !' and all the other teams I know.

Hey - I'm looking forward to the mini-festival though !


BubbaJay said...

Hey, what we did do was make a funny ass film in 48 hours and hand it in. With a team of people who had never work together before.

What we won was an inclusive team of friends, all of whom would do it again!!

Conan said...

Totally! It was an absolute blast that inspired me to get off my ass and start working on a project that I had been dreaming of doing for a long time.

It was also cool to show up to the Heat 10 screenings and be able to say "hey! How are you?" to new friends (Ange and Meredith) and get to be part of something that was a lot of fun.

So next year, we're so going to kick ass! You wait and see! :D

Seraph said...

Gentleman - you are so right !