Sunday, June 10, 2007

Goofing off - 'Sky High'

I swear - I keep thinking things like "...If I were to accidentally fall out the window and suffer multiple compound fractures ... then I wouldn't have to write any more reports !"

I'm so freaking sick of doing them !

Oh well - 2/3's of one class left. Hopefully I'll be out of here before six ( as I have to also set up some staging for a series of performances in my junior perfoming arts classes tomorrow - yay ).

I'm just so bad at staying focused on these things. I always find some way to get distracted and goof off on things which I shouldn't be wasting time doing. Like right now ! I shoudln't be writing this ! I should be writing how Student X needs to be more focused on his assessment tasks ( and no - the irony ISN'T lost on me ... ).

One quick recommendation before I go then - the movie "Sky-High". Quite possibly one of the best Super-Hero films I've seen ! It certainly schools a bunch of the 'proper' ones by a LONG way ! Jenni recommended it to me - and I got it in a DVD sale ages ago, I just got round to watching it last night ( ie - more goofing off ).

While I guess it's a kids film - it's pretty freaking great ! The messages and plot twists are farily obvious, but still are executed with charm and humour. Well worth a watch. I give it 4 spandex suits out of five.

Right - back to the linguistic torture that is report writing ...

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