Saturday, November 25, 2006

Instead of writing ...

So - this is the painting so far. I just spent the evening painting in the light blue bits ( while Viva was busy killing robots and aliens in Ratchet & Clank ). It's starting to come together. I didn't plan for the whole pastel shades thing which is going on so far - but I'm kinda liking it. My writing is taking a bit of a back seat to this right now, though I don't think Jenni is going to be berating me too much for that.

Can YOU spot "The Rascal" ?


Anonymous said...

Eeeeeeeeee! It looks so cool!

Is the Rascal the top left corner? It's either that one or the one just below it, because I can't recognise either of them yet.

The dragons look neat :)

Seraph said...

Your second guess was correct - it's the center left guy. The top left corner has a "Willy Whistle" or "Drunk" in it - those were those green bastards who threw the boomeranging bottles at you.

Happy that you're liking it so far !