Tuesday, November 28, 2006

You don't see that everyday

The school where I work is situated in a bit of a military zone. We have a military training camp or some kind pretty much next door, and on another 'next door' side - there is the NZ Joint Forces Command Center. Lots of uniform types walking around - and I'm always laughing at the Navy dudes. Man - what IS it with the Navy and stupid uniforms ? They used to be cool around the 18th - 19th century - hit WW2 and beyond, they look like berks. The air-force generally look pretty cool - the army, y'know, pretty standard army guys. But the Navy - they've got silly white shorts and those dopey round hats ... yeesh.

Anyway - being so close to such military institutes provides a bit of interest around the place. Dudes running around in full camo gear, big ole army trucks crusing about, the odd helicopter landing next door, that kind of thing.

But today there was something different - there was a full-on bomb disposal exercise going on. It was pretty full on too. It was odd - I was walking from the performing arts block to the library ( pretty much the two furtherst points from each other at school ) taking in the limited scenery - and then BAM ! Craziness ! My internal monologue was something like this -

"Clear sky ... hedges rustling in wind ... car, car, SUV, car ... ah-freaking rubbish ! Damn freaking lazy students ! Just WALK the ten seconds to the bin will ya ... car, car ... police car ... police van with lights on .... light tank ... army guys with assault rifles - they look like styres - and full combat gear ... oooo - guys in bomb disposal suits - ha, our ones are BLUE ? The yellow ones on 'Metal Gear Solid 2' looked much better ... weird tent thing ... robotic disposal thingy ... more guys with guns, one is talking on walkie-talky ... APC - I didn't know they mounted machine guns on those ... police car ... officers looking on with clipboards ... car ... car ... more rubbish - jeesh, I swear - the amount of RUBBISH I have to pick up round here ... library !"

I REALLY wanted to shout out "Cut the BLUE wire ! It's ALWAYS the blue wire !" - but I figured they wouldn't really appreciate it. It looked like they were taking things pretty seriously.

You don't want to piss off guys with guns - that's my philosophy!

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