Tuesday, November 07, 2006

In no particular order

I have been very boring and haven't posted anything in over a week. To try and remedy that I present some of the more interesting highlights :

1. Munted my right foot playing soccer with some guys at work.

Yeah - that wasn't fun. I'm not the most sports-abled person I know - I think all those genes went to my much more sporty sister - but in a bid to keep more fit and healthy I've been trying to do more 'active' things. Every friday a bunch of guys from the staff get together after school and play soccer on the astroturf tennis courts. It's fun - in a kind of run-madly-till-you-can't-breathe-and-your-heart-finally-explodes-in-your-chest way.

In the last few minutes I had the change to score a KILLER goal - goal was open, all I had to do was tap-tap-tap it in. Just give it a little ol-tapperoo. What did I do though ? In a fit of excitement at the possible rare glory I would recieve I ran too fast and ended up in the wrong place - I couldn't actually kick the ball at all from where I was ! I twisted around trying to get it - and twisted my ankle / foot in a combo of horrible pain !

Driving home was fun. I couldn't really move all that well that night, my plans for going to the movies were dashed and I had a pretty bad night's sleep. Saturday things were a bit better - I kept it bandaged pretty tight and liberally applied ice ( seeing as I couldn't use ice the Friday night - as Viva had used all the ice trays to freeze lemon juice. Damn. ) and things were pretty good on Sunday - only a slight limp.

Managed a reasonable jog on Monday morning, and though it was a bit twingy today - it didn't keep me from my "stepmaina" dance pads thing morning !

2. Bought a new rain coat / jacket and some new t-shirts and TWO pairs of jeans

Alright - this might seem quite mundane - but considering how much I hate shopping for clothes, I tend to think of it as quite an achievement. Naturally - had to have Viva with me ( in fact - the whole mission was her idea ). I can't clothes shop by myself. Terrible things happen when I clothes shop by myself.

But my new jacket thing is really cool ! And really cheap ! ( Gordon's in Dressmart - that's the place for a kick-arse new jacket at reduced prices !! )

3. Got a replacement 'Egyptian Chronicles" jigsaw from E-Bay.

I've not gotten anything from e-bay for quite awhile now - but it's the place to go if you're looking to find a "buried blueprints" jigsaw. I LOOOOOVE the Buried Blueprint series - but I only discovered them AFTER they had been discontinued ( typically ). I've gotten a lot from trade-me of late.

The "Egyptian Chronicles" one was really cool. I lent it to my mum. My sister "borrowed" it from her. Her cat Iggy proceeded to eat 32 pieces from the 1000 piece set. 32 freaking pieces !!! And not just chewed - totally eaten ! Digested ! No trace left !


So - my sis said she would replace it, though she didn't seem to be making much headway. I think she got annoyed at me for telling her when copies were surfacing on e-bay - eventaully telling me just to buy one and she'd give me the cash.

Works for me.

4. Discovered the joys of "Spaced"

My pal Hix is going to be shrieking something along the lines of "Why the hell didn't you watch the video I lent you of it TWO YEARS AGO ?". To which I would reply - "Haven't got a clue."

It's a comedy series written in part by Simon Pegg - the guy who wrote "Shaun of the Dead" and starred as the lead role.

It's funny, funny stuff. But I've watched all of the two seasons - and now I'm sad 'cos I don't think there's any more. *sigh*

5. Playing too much of "Lego Star Wars" on the Ps2.

Much more fun than a lego game really should be.

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