Friday, November 17, 2006

I shudder to think...

Ah - NCEA research marking. My year 10 class ( 4th form for all you people who don't know edu-new-speak ) have just completed their submissions and I have started marking.

Here's a nugget of knowledge worth knowing about the NZ gang, The Mongrel Mob :

"They just hang out get drunk stoned and try start fights which sometimes end up with a stabbing or the extremely rear killing"

An extremely REAR killing, you say ? *ouch*

You gotta love spelling errors ( unless you've been telling them ALL FREAKING YEAR to be more careful with their proofreading - then you gotta hate them and drive a Black and Decker cordless drill into their eye-balls ! ).

1 comment:

BubbaJay said...

You've seen 'OZ' right?
You know what goes on in the Big House...
Extremely Rear Killings (ERK!) happen more often that you think.