Saturday, June 23, 2007

My NEW plan !

If I run amok in Upper Hutt with a semi-automatic weapon - they CAN'T make me finish my junior reports !

Ha ha ha ha ha !!!

And it IS Upper Hutt ! There isn't a court in the land that'll convict me !

Sweet suffering chilli beans - why have I never thought of this before ?!?!!


... and isn't 'amok' one of the greatest words EVER ? I must use it more in conversation.


Anonymous said...

Why should the gun have all the fun

Seraph said...

Hey man !

Well - quite ! But remember, this isn't about 'fun', it's about ME not having to write my GODDAMN reports !!!

12 to go ! There's light at the end of the tunnel ! I had a minor breakdown about an hour ago when I couldn't find a set of grades I KNEW I had done ... turns out they were in a book rather than the computer. Whew - things were looking REAL bad there for a few moments ...