Thursday, February 01, 2007

This ever happen to you ?

I awoke to a moment of gut-wrenching terror this morning - the assignment I had to have done today was late ! Even worse - I hadn't even started it ! Why had I left it till the last minute ? Why had I done NO study or prep towards it AT ALL ??? It was a maths assignment too ! I'm TERRIBLE at maths ! Panic panic panic ...

Then I stopped. "Wait a cotton picking minute here..."

I wasn't a student in any kind of way, shape or form. I didn't have an assignment to complete - and if I DID have one, no way in hell was it going to be maths.

I had dreamt the whole freaking thing. Cue a moment of sublime relief.

I HATE those cross-over dreams! I put it down to going back to school.

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BubbaJay said...

Oh thank God someone else has that dream!!!
I get that everytime I have a big presentation or proposal to deliver.
It goes something like... I'm at work when the uni or school rings to say I 've been enrolled in this course all year, I've missed every class and assignment and if I want to pass I need an 80% or better on the final exam.
No one will tell me what the course is I've been enrolled in...