Monday, February 26, 2007

Video games live ! Neato !

Busy, busy day ! Yargh. In fact - busy busy weekend ! No time to be creative ! I apologise to those of you wanting more of the geek list. It's coming ( like Christmas is ).

But for now - ten things about the Video Games Live concert !

1. It was awesome !

2. It was a concert organised by some American gaming dudes ( like, "in the industry" gaming dudes - not just some weedy gamers ), performed by the Wellington Orchestra and playing a selection of music from video game scores.

3. The opening number was a medley of tunes from various coin-ops - starting with Pong and ending with ... ummmm ... I can't really remember. I think it might have been Outrun. There were all kinds of stuff in there ( games that stand out in my mind are Robotron, Rastan Saga - I've always LOVED the music of Rastan - Gauntlet, Tempest, Space-Invaders and Donkey Kong ).

4. There were a few competitions - the coolest being a Space-Invader one - the guy from the audience who played was movement keyed into the wee tank - so where he moved, the tank moved. While he played the orchestra played the 'music' ( which consisted of that freaky 'dumm-DUMM' footstep thing, slowly getting faster and faster ). He had six lives - and he had to clear the entire screen in two and a half minutes. He got wiped out.

5. The second contest was for a $4000 laptop ! It was a frogger challenge - I didn't get chosen ( despite the frantic amount of waving I did ... ). The two guys went head to head - the winner a guy who looked pretty stoned ( when asked if he was ready, he replied "WELL DONE!!!" - freaking hippy ... ). I could blitzed them no sweat. Still - it was cool listening to live 'Frogger' music.

6. There were people dressed up as video game characters there. I thought they were some pretty massive geeks ... until I found out there was a 'dress-up' contest. A guy dressed as Sonic the Hedgehog won - it was a pretty cool costume. For a hedgehog.

7. The music I think I liked most was a collection of tunes from the "Metal Gear" games. They even had a guy in a cardboard box sneaking by a guard on stage. It was pretty hilarious. ( If you've never played Metal Gear - then that'll mean nothing to you ). The stuff they did from "God of War" was pretty damn cool too.

8. Square soft were the only software company that didn't let them use footage from their games. Jerks.

9. The visuals for "Medal of Honour" were actually real footage from WW2. It was surprisingly moving.

10. Water is ridiculously expensive at concerts! Bastards !


BubbaJay said...

So... seriously, where does 'Attends Nerdcore Concerts' fit in the Pantheon of Geekdom.
I'm thinking it's gotta be up there, top 5 at least!

Seraph said...

Oh Bubba ... if ONLY that got me into the top five ...

You'll soon see that I myself, with my multitudinous sins in Geekdom, fall into a very low rank on the geek scale.

BUT - I am innocent of the GREATEST sin in the geek scale - saving me from the most inner circle in geek hell. You'll see what that is soon enough ...