Monday, February 05, 2007

Easter ... in February ?

What the hell is going on here ? I'm at the supermarket - they're selling hot cross buns ! I'm at the bakery - they're selling HOT CROSS BUNS !!

When 'holiday' things get hauled out too early it spoils the whole point of having the special holiday thing ! Hot cross buns and Easter eggs get commonplace when they're being sold for almost a quarter of the year ! It's only just freaking February ! Isn't Easter in flipping April ths year ? I get really aggravatedWAAAAAAAAY before the actual date! You shouldn't be allowed to sell hot cross buns OR Easter eggs until it's a month away. Or you should get shot ! In the spleen ! With a ... rabbit!

The same thing goes for people talking about Christmas being mentioned before December! ( only in this case you should be shot FROM a cannon ... into ... the sun ! ).

Grrrr and double grrrrr !

( Mind you - those hot cross buns from Nada bakery taste pretty damn good ! )


Anonymous said...

I had a cream egg in January.

To be fair, Easter is in *early* April.

Con-man said...

Why should you food-nazis be able to prevent me from eating hot cross buns all year round? They are tasty. And Jenni makes a great point, we wouldn't be able to have cream eggs all year if your totalitarian regime banned seasonal treats being sold out-of-season. Of course, being in the gifting business, I would be cannon-fodder, because I start advertising Christmas in September. And you know what? I get complaints from people when I try to launch the catalogue a week later. Seriously.
If people want to buy it, we will sell it!

Seraph said...

And I thought I was doing Satan's work when I was selling "Magic:The Gathering" cards to kids. You got me beat there though man ! Advertising Christmas in SEPTEMBER ? You fiend, sir ! You cad ! You bounder !

... They sell cream eggs all year round now ? Weird.