Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Rebel Faction ?

I've been part of the stellar 48 film competition team "Jenni's Angels" for the last couple of years. And - to be fair - they've been great.

But - with this year's competition fast approaching ... I have been thinking, well, rebellious thoughts. In short - I think I might start a new team.

Why would I do that ? Jenni's Angels are my friends ! They are professional ! They collectively know more about film making than I could even imagine at this point ! Why - it would be total madness to do something like that - wouldn't it ?

And the answer is yes. Which is why it would be a great idea !

Because I DON'T know jack about anything. Because it would be really cool / fun to learn myself. That's the problem with Jenni's Angels now - there's too many people who are good at things. It would be madness to let me anywhere near the delicate inner workings of the collective - so why would they do that ? And I kinda feel like more involvement - I missed being on the writing team last year, I missed acting. Who knows - I might even have a go at something crazy like editing or directing. Jenni's Angels is so big now ( and full of people who are ... y'know ... TALENTED ), I doubt I'd get a look in anywhere anymore.

There's heaps on at school - so maybe this is all just pie in the sky stuff, but I think it would be fun. And school has a few digital cameras and tripods and things. They've got an editing suite too. There's a few staff members who sound pretty keen to get involved ... so 'Rebel Faction Films' might be more a reality than even I suspect at this point.

Although the possibility of not getting myself organised and slinking back to the Jenni's Angels team is also mighty high ... ;)


Jack Dee said...

Of course you realize that now you’ve mentioned it, the rest of the team now know you are planning to defect

Seraph said...

Yeah - I know. That's partly why I did it - y'know, to spur myself into some kind of affirmative action. We'll see if it makes any kind of difference !

BubbaJay said...

I pledge myself to your REBEL FACTION (do we get lightsaber's??)
What are the dates dude!?!?!?

Seraph said...

I accept your pledge, young Padawan ! The REBEL FACTION are in dire need of your powers with the force !

If I HAD lightsabers to give - you would already have one !

The dates ? Are you actually SERIOUS ? Man - that would be pretty cool if you could be here for that. As far as I know - the dates are from Friday 18th of May to Sunday the 20th. 7pm to 7pm.

Jack Dee said...

Those who are the true Jedi make their own, but seriously what are the rules prizes etc ?

Seraph said...

Hey Jack - check out the web-site !


They have the FAQ and prize list from last year on it. I'm sure they'kk update soon.

Conan said...

Hey there! I too pledge myself to the great Rebel faction! I'm sure I can convince my boss to give me time off for this one! :)


Seraph said...

Ah Conan ! You join my ever-swelling army of the damned ! And lo - you shall be placed high on my council ! ( In English now - Thanks for your support ! You're on the team man ! I'm sure there'll be something, or probably MANY somethings, that you'll be able to help out with ! ).