Monday, March 26, 2007

Seraph's New Obsession

This is going to be the week ( or indeed, the couple of weeks ) from hell at school. I got stupid parent/teacher interviews this week ( AND next week ... yay ) and a WHOLE bunch of marking to get done before Thursday. On top of THAT - there's all the school production stuff I gotta be doing, and then there's just the normal teaching. Eating and sleeping are also in there too at some stage.

So - just a short post before the black rain falls. So to speak.

I find myself getting strangely obsessive again - this time it's the comic series "Scud:The Disposable Assassin". This was a REALLY cool comic - really cool art, and some pretty freaking surrealistic / bizarre stuff going on. The story revolves around Scud - a Heart-Breaker series disposable assassin. You get these things from vending machines - you give them a target, they go off and kill the target. On termination of the target - the disposable assassin explodes.

Scud is given the target of this hugely bizarre monster called Jeff. She has talking knees ( which only ever say film quotes ) and a three pin electric plug for a head. Scud engages in a fight to the death with her - but notices the instruction label he has on his back. Scud does NOT want to die ! So, he puts Jeff into a coma instead. He then has to pay for the hospital bills in order to keep her alive, so he becomes a free-lance assassin. Like I say - pretty bizarre stuff.

I read up to the third graphic novel ( "Solid Gold Bomb" ) and managed to get the third volume. I always meant to get the others ( as well as the side series "Tales From the Vending Machine" - about other disposable assassin models ) from the website - but never got round to it.

I, for some reason, pulled down the volume I had and read it again recently - and remembered how much I loved it and how much I wanted to read the final story arc. I went to the web site - all the old issues out of print. Oh no.

I do a little research. Last story arc was written when the creators life was pretty much falling apart. It ends on a VERY pessimistic note. The FINAL issue was NEVER completed. Many fans very bitter. BUT - it the weird kinda way that these things tend to work out for me, the writer/creator guy - Rob Schrab - is FINALLY completing the last issue and the series. Rejoicing ! And apparently they are going to publish ALL the old comics in one super-volume ! Awesome ! I really hope that includes all the other stuff, like 'Drywall:Unzipped", "The Oswald and Drywall Show" and "Tales From the Vending Machine" ! That would seriously rock.

Just in case - I found someone on E-Bay who was selling a copy of "Drywall:Unzipped" - so I got it. I loved Drywall - I think he was my favourite character. I am kinda getting obsessive about fleshing out my "Scud" collection now.

If you get a chance to read "Scud:The Disposable Assassin" - give it a shot ! It was pretty damn cool. And another thanks to Wanganui Ben - who got me to read it in the first place !

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