Friday, March 09, 2007

The Vanishing - Part 2

So - Viva and I arrive at the exercise / health class thing we've been doing for awhile now. I was hoping to have dropped down below 85kg so I could be comfortably in my target weight zone.

I hopped on the scales - freaking 83.7 !!! That's more than a kilogram down from last week !


So I have lost more than a k a week ( on average ) for the last six weeks.

I'm really starting to feel it now too. I am definitely WAY more fit - and I'm generally feeling better too ( not that I was feeling crappy before though ). Even I'm noticing where the weight has gone FROM. I still think the best thing about the weight loss is being able to lie face-up, and not get pain in the small of my back from my colossal butt crimping the hell out of it ! Yay !

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