Wednesday, April 04, 2007

You say you want a revolution ?

Argh - haven't been able to write much of late ... school - kicking my arse ! ( ... so ... much ... marking ! ... TWO ... nights ... of PARENT / TEACHER interviews !!! ... Freaking ... school ... production ... ARRRGGGHHHHH !!! ). Sorry about that.

BUT. For those who are interested - I have just registered team "Rebel Faction" for this year's 48 Hour Film Competition !!!

I am excited ... and yet terrified !

Jenni ... Hix ... - I'm going to be picking your brains about ... stuff ... very soon I warrant !

I hope I get the educational film genre ! That would be weirdly groovy.


BubbaJay said...

Dude, all the expertise I have to offer is enthusiasm.

All you need to know is; never let knowledge of a subject get in the way of you forcefully expressing an opinion.

Your the leader Baby!!

Jenni said...

Any stuff I know, I will be happy to tell you.

I reckon reading past threads of Jenni's Angels "what we learned" on would be helpful though...