Friday, February 23, 2007

The Vanishing

Holy flipping cow man ! Over the past week I have lost 1.5 kgs ! I'm almost in my target weight zone of 84-86 kgs - freaking awesome ! I'm currently weighing in at 86.1 kgs.

Both Viva and I have dropped over 4k in the last month. So that's more than a k a week.

It's incredible how changing what you eat and doing some exercise can make such a radical change. I'm eating SOOOOO much less bread and cheese and ... well ... processed CRAP now. It's pretty staggering. We used to go through like three loaves of bread plus - now, maybe 1. Some weeks - a half.

And it's not like I've been starving myself either. I've been to a few BBQ's where I've jammed my face with a goodly amount of tasty tasty food. It's mostly been getting over the ghost hunger in my head - the hunger that makes me eat when I'm not hungry. That's the killer.

And limiting pizza consumption. That wasn't doing me any favours either ...


Matt said...

Awesome. Your mention of morning hill runs sounded impressive!

Seraph said...

Thanks man. The runs sound more impressive than they actually are - it's pretty hard to find somewhere in Ngaio which isn't in someway hilly, so ANY run could be classified a 'hill run'. The 210 step railway shortcut climb is a bit of a killer though !