Saturday, August 31, 2013

BoS Drawing Challenge - #19 Gray

This drawing is, to me anyway, the first real disappointment - and I very nearly didn't share it here, and that's AFTER I fixed it up a bit in Photoshop !  :

Ugh. In my head this was going to be much cooler. This just didn't turn out right. The foreshortening of the gun arm doesn't look right, the legs are WAY wonky, and I really messed up the other hand ( to the point where I put in some weird alien technology in it to cover it up ! The face is wrong looking too. The best bit is the gun - and even that is pretty naff.

Sigh. The can't all be good I guess. Or even average !

I think I'm going to re-try this one at some stage, and see if I can get it looking more like the image I had in my head.

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