Wednesday, August 21, 2013

BoS Drawing Challenge - #13 Misfortune

I really struggled to come up with an idea for 'Misfortune' for some reason. I just couldn't get a connection to anything for ages. Then I latched on to the idea of 'Miss Fortune' - and had a few ideas on what I could do there - ranging from an inverse of the 'Lady Luck' images, to a super villain, and then I settled on the idea of a plane pin-up girl. You know - the ones painted on the side of WW2 bombers :

Meh - not great. I struggled to get the pose / proportions right ( eventually having to look at some actual pin-up paintings and steal a pose from them ), and I messed up the face / hair. I still tried to get an aspect of the original 'misfortune' theme by having the pin-up girl look a bit like a black-cat. I'm not sure that really worked. Ah well - it's all practice !

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