Sunday, August 18, 2013

BoS Drawing Challenge - #12 Insanity

I should have posted this yesterday - but I went out yesterday night. So I didn't.

I did have it penciled out on Friday though - so we're still within mission parameters :

That's a video game character who is well and truly insane. A serial killer - in fact. Major props if you can tell me who it is. Clue - despite appearances, it ISN'T Guile from Street Fighter 2.


Steve said...

Is it ... Jak? Perhaps ravaged by guilt at what he did to Daxter and at being thrown out of his own time?

Also: I'm loving what you're doing with this series, dude.

Seraph said...

That's a good guess Steve - going from the hair.

It's earlier than that though. PS1 rather than PS2. It's a bit of a trick question, as the game was never actually officially released. It did get leaked out though, and loads of people ( including myself ) have played it.

Seraph said...

Oh - and thanks for the positive feedback man ! I'm happy you're enjoying what I've been doing !

Steve said...


Thrill Kill?

Seraph said...

Give the man a coconut Grandma !
Yeah. it's Oddball from Thrill Kill - the FBI criminal profiler who went insane from working on serial killer cases and became one himself.

Thrill Kill wasn't really all that good a game - but it had some interesting bits, and I enjoyed it.