Friday, April 04, 2008

El nino

So I'm a father now. It is a strange and wonderful thing. I have a little boy ! He came into the world VERY quickly - at 8.32, on Wednesday the 2nd of April.

Viva and I were both born on a Wednesday as well. And don't you love the exponential curve of his birthday ?

2 / 4 / 08 ??

Cool or what ?

'Death From Above' is not the venue for much of what I want to say / show about my son ( man - it is weird saying that ... 'my son' ! Sheesh ) - so if you want to see the little guy ( name in process of being decided - we have a short list ! ) - then I urge you to make the long and peril-filled journey to his blog page, where there are some pics waiting for you !

Right - back to the hospital !


Jenni said...

Squeeeee! So exciting!

*runs to look at baby-blog*

Anonymous said...

Congratulations sir. To you and 'Viva'! Hope to see you both soon to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Gino and Viv - he's absolutely beautiful! Much love to you both, may he bring you as much joy and happiness as our two have brought us! Love always, Amanda and Richard XXX

Seraph said...

Thanks guys !