Monday, April 28, 2008

Shadow adjusting

I was really worried that Shadow wasn't going to adjust well to Angelo. In the past she has been REALLY freaked out by babies. Wall-hugging-low-to-ground-run-a-mile-the-moment-they-make-a-sound FREAKED OUT. I was worried that she wouldn't take well to something else other than her getting a lot of our attention ( as pretty much SHE'S been the baby for the last four years ).

I've been really surprised at how well she's been coping with the change so far. She's actually been pretty patient with waiting for attention, and with Angelo crying ( far from running away - she'll usually get in her wee 'cat-tent' and watch with an interested feline bemusement ). She'll even give him an experimental sniff now and then , before beating a leisurely retreat to somewhere else near-by.

The only time approaching a 'serious' incident was the first day Angelo was home. We but him in the bassinet, and Shadow jumped in too - not knowing he was there. Shadow did a double-take of Warner Bros intensity and promptly ran for it !

I think she's still trying to figure out exactly WHAT Angelo is. I'm just glad she hasn't been traumatized or has run away or something equally distressing for me !

And - as this photo shows, she's not adverse to taking advantage of ole Seraph when he's been beaten with the fatigue club !

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