Monday, January 14, 2008

Nozing around !

In summation :

- Tibia healing nicely.
- Blood test turned up slightly elevated liver enzyme count. Have to have another blood test. Hopefully nothing to worry about.
- Finished a new video game painting for my main man Bubbajay - will put a pic up soon.
- 'Portal' is a freaking great ( if somewhat short ) video game. Play it if you get the chance.
- Team Fortress 2 is also fun !
- "Knocked Up" wasn't nearly as funny as everyone said. I think I prefer my comedy more surreal / black. So there you go.

And something to make you smile to finish up. A line from one of the junior plays at the end of last years classes :

"The bird fell from the sky like a ball of cake."

Hee hee hee !

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