Friday, July 20, 2007

Sweet sweet karma !

At the end of last term I had a run in with a certain student. He was told three times on two consecutive days that he was not to be in the performing arts block ( juniors wreck up the place and have been banned ). He kept coming in - and I gave him a detention ( with four or five others who were also there ). He didn't turn up to my fifteen minute detention - so I passed it on to the Director of Junior School, who slapped him with an hour school detention.

He bleated on about how he was being picked on by me, how I was too mean, how he hated me ( becasue I obviously hated him ), and how he would leave school if he ever had a class with me again. There was a LONG protracted discussion ( which just went around and around and around ... ). I was very angry. I was very angry for the first three days of the holidays actually - it just wouldn't get out of my head.

Cut to today.

Kid is shooting an ad in his performing arts class - and is acting as a professional skateboarder endorsing a energy bar. He is going to perform simle jump from top of set of concrete stairs. He is advised by his teacher ( not me - but who was also drawn into the fray )that maybe having some sort of safety gear on would be a WISE course of action. "Nah man !" this kid replies. "I know what I'm doing!"

Camera runs.

Another kid does skateborad trick. Pulls it off fine.

Anger-generating kid goes to to trick.

He loses his footing and falls down the stairs, slamming his face into the concrete.

On film.

Film is shown after school to Mr. Seraph, who proceeds to scream with laughter until he can't breathe, demands it gets played twice more, wants copy on hard-drive and is considering putting it on YouTube.

I KNOW that it's 'shameful joy' and I KNOW I shouldn't laugh at the misfortune of others, and I KNOW that even now I am angering the Lords of Karma myself.

But man - That was so SO funny. And it's not like he got any SERIOUS damage ... he did fall on his head after all ! Ha ha ha !!!

That made my freaking WEEK !


Scarlet Dux said...

Being an ex-teacher I can empathise and mayhap smuggly giggle under my breath.


Seraph said...

I'm STILL collapsing into fits of giggles when I think about it. I have to bite my tongue and jam my hands in my pockets when I pass him, lest I point at him while screaming "LOOK AT THE SKATE-BOARD KING!!!"

Hee hee hee !

Thanks for the comment Scarlet !