Monday, July 16, 2007

Post-Holiday Blues

Well - back to work. I guess it was too good to last. Sigh.

It's been a week since Viva and I got back from the Gold Coast. Perhaps I should say something about the trip :

- Things got off to a rocky start when BOTH Viva and I accidentally set our alarm clocks to PM rather than AM. Were supposed to be at the airport at 5am - by some stroke of fortune happened to wake up and glace at the clock at just past five. Cue loud swearing, mad sprinting around house and the fastest trip from Ngaio to Wellington airport on record. Not fun !
- Had a tube of toothpaste confiscated from me at customs because it COULD have been a bomb component.
- Our hotel room in Surfers' Paradise was on the 27th floor. Had fun creeping up to the edge, peeking over and seeing hopw long I could stay before my vertigo crippled my knees ( turns out to be about 11 seconds ).
- Dream-Land okay. I think experiencing Disneyland as a boy has ruined all other theme-parks for me though. Spent a LOT of time waiting for a 2 minute ride. Didn't want to go to another theme park after that day.
- Saw a lot of Ibis birds around the place. They're cute - in a gawky looking way.
- Pacific-Fair shopping mall is ludriciously big.
- Dracula's cabaret / dinner thing was fun.
- My throat got infected pretty badly. Thought it was just a sore throat - but it got steadily worse until it was really painful to swallow anything other than water or ice-cream ( and while the all ice-cream diet DOES have its appeal - I didn't want to put on THAT much weight while I was away ! ). Had to see a doctor on the Thursday, Viva was sick of me complaining and being pitiful. Medicine was great ! Okay by next day.
- Australian TV is REALLY bad...
- Best holiday bargain - picked up DVD of Russ Myer's "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls" for ONE australian dollar ! Whoop ! ... and that's about all I got really. Viv did MIGHTY amount of shopping. I try not to think about it !
- Most pain suffered - managing to avoid doing a belly-flop when diving into the indoor hotel pool ( which would have been bad ) by somehow executing a GROIN-flop instead ( ... much much worse ). Probably good that I couldn't breathe for a moment or two - as I would have drowned.

As always though - it was great to come home. Hix did another great job in looking after the house and Shadow - and many props go to him.

Right. Off home now. Sick of being at work !

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