Monday, July 30, 2007

Based on a true story !

So - this essentially happened to me at the last parent / teacher interview. I had this parent of a dead-beat skater kid who kept asking me again and again and AGAIN how I could make him stop being a dead-beat skater and start caring about his education !
I kept telling him that I DIDN'T KNOW ! If I freaking KNEW - I would have DONE whatever it FREAKING WAS to make him NOT be such a freaking skating LOSER.
I DID consider telling him to give him a decent smack in the head ( just not with an Antarian XJ-9 Electro-Doomfist ).

Critical Mass was a guy I invented a few years ago. He was a superhero type who's power was being mindlessly violent. We might see more of that now he's a teacher. Of sorts. I'm not sure why he's a teacher now. Seems a good an idea as any.

Hmmm ... the colours seem to have changed slightly. I kinda like C-M better with blue hair now !

Additional - Double Hmmmm ... the pic seemed to disappear ! How odd. I've tried posting a different version - maybe this will work ...


BubbaJay said...

Sane and reasonable advice for the concerned parent.
Can't help thinking that guy reminds of someone... like the kind of scumbag who would trash a kid's sandcastle then laugh at him (unitl his dad showed up...)

Jack Dee said...

Critical Mass is cool I hope we see more, Dont let the PC brigade shut him down.
but on the substantive matter under disscussion of slacker kids
find their enthusiasm for something, anything really.

Then trick them.

It doesnt sound like this kid (for instance) is going to be much of an academic so Shakespear Milton & Aristotle are going to be a dead loss. Kids of this type often like messing around with things leading to fixing things if he goes to the good side or burning thims down if he is tempted to the dark side.
Even the google-eyed Xbox jocks can be tempted off the couch.

"Hey kids want to see some Real Kung Fu ?"

Then after a few years of junior asskicking you could have them Kung Fu-ing for the good of society

Which is called The Police