Tuesday, May 22, 2007

48 Hour Madness !

WOW ! That was one rocking weekend ! Also a weekend of VERY limited sleep and nail-biting terror at times, but one hell of a good time as well ! I speak of course of the 48 Hour Film Competition !

This year, as I've presiously said, I broke away from my first comp team and started my own - REBEL FACTION ! While I missed the old team greatly - it was SUCH a good idea ! I ( for one anyway ) was involved in SO much more creatively, which was just fantastic.

The elements this year were :

Character - Jerry Reed, a hypochondriac

Prop - A rope

Dialogue - "What do you call that?"

Our genre was educational or religious film.

Bubbajay and I kicked around a few ideas to start ( including a halarious idea of militant ninja priests which would have got us lynched by the Catholic community ) before settling on a secret instructional film from PharmaTech industries called "Hypochondriacs - The Walking Goldmines !", which we thought was pretty funny.

We had some set backs during filming - notabaly the school's ( location where we were going to do all out primary filming ) open-day not finishing till really late ... and then finding out there was going to be regional BRASS freaking BAND regional cometitions in the building where we were filming the NEXT DAY were not helpful. BUT - the team rallied together and we made sure that we got all our major filming done before that happened ( we wrapped up at just midnight ).

For newbies - we had a really killer team - and I was so proud / happy with what everyone brought to the weekend. I had a few lessons taught to me that I'll take with me to next time - but the whole experience was outragiously positive ! My three objectives were :

1 ) For everyone to have fun

2) To finish a film

3) To hand it in on time

We did all three ! Yay ! It couldn't have been done without all you guys in the team - so a BIG thank you from me !!

Now - I'm going to sleep some more ! Check out Conan's blog for a far more detailed account of the weekend !


hix said...

Congratulations dude!
I agree - I think the splintering of Jenni's Angels into separate groups has been a great thing. I'm pleased you learned a lot - and hope you're gunna be back for it next year!

Can't wait to see it!

Conan said...

Woot! It was a real blast of a weekend. Hix, I saw Destination: Planet Earth on Monday - very slick. :D

Anyhoop, I'm keen to do something with Rebel Faction again next year (if they will have me) and even have more awesome stuff to help with it - including a THIRD camera that links in with my laptop! :D Which means we can even do rudimentary editing on the fly if we need to! WOOP WOOP! Loving it! :D

(Totally hooked with the movie-making bug! lol)

Seraph said...

Thanks Hix ! Rebel Faction will return ! And Conan - you'll be welcome !

Anonymous said...

I just found out that some of my students are in your heat (Radioactive studios). I haven't seen their film yet but they had Crime genre and had a lot of fun.

They're nice Year 12 kiddies in my Media class and it is their first time entering the 48 hour so clap loudly for them. Must keep the younguns enthused. I hope their film if fine... I've seen some pretty horrendous student films in the past...

Jenni said...

Yay for Rebel Faction! Can't wait to see your film :)