Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Wounded Knee

Gaargh ! My freaking KNEE man ! The pain !

Actually - it's not so bad today ... but it's still no picnic. I don't know what the hell is wrong with it - only I can't run for long distances without it flaring into a supernova of hurtyness ! And that's bad ! For a start it means the the 1/2 marathon that I was going to try and run is looking pretty much out of the question. Damn. ( and I'm being SERIOUS too - I really did want to jog that ! ).

I spoke to my sister briefly about it ( she has had knee issues too from her sporting endeavours )

Dr. Sis - So - your knee. It is just painful - or does it click ? Is it clicky ?

S. - It's kinda clicky.

Dr. Sis - Right... do you want the bad news or the good news ?

S. - Ahhhh ... hit me with the bad.

Dr. Sis - Sounds like it's cartilage. You might have to have an operation to fix that.

S. - Feck ! What's the good news ?

Dr. Sis - The operation isn't TOO bad. You might only have to have it once !


Viva has booked me to see a podiatrist on Friday. I'm still not entirely sure WHY I'm going to a freaking podiatrist - it's not my FEET that are hurting ! But one of her friends said that all sorts of trouble can be caused by the way you walk ... fair enough - but shouldn't we start by getting a regular medical professional to establish what the actual problem might be FIRST ? I can just imagine what's going to happen :

P - So you're having trouble with your feet ?

S - No - my knee.

P - Why are you seeing me ?

S - My wife thought it was a good idea.

P - Alright then. Ahhh ... so - is there any pain in your feet ?

S - Nope.

P - Do your feet HIT your own knees at all ?

S - No.

P - ... Well I'm out of ideas.

S - Oh.

P - That'll be $120.

S - *screams*


BubbaJay said...

From knee hurting dude to another, it could be your shoes that are causing your leg to roll unnaturally against the knee joint.
Either way, ow dude!! I feel your pain!! Get better soon!!
or I WILL kick your arse on the 17th

Anonymous said...

Yeah, sorry dude, but I'm with Viv and bubbajay on this one, there might be a problem that is correctable through special shoes. It is really amazing how many knee, hip and back problems can be helped with orthotics. However, if you have already suffered cartilage damage, a podiatrist will probably only be able to stop it getting worse, not heal it. Walking should get less painful, though. When I was selling shoes they gave us a little bit of training on this, and as someone with back problems, and a damaged knee (remember the rolloerblade incident back at Vic), I checked it out. If you want to talk to someone who's had the knee cartilage op, my Dad had both his knees done when me and Meredith we younger. His knee went when he was teaching me to ride my skateboard.