Sunday, December 10, 2006

Co-ordination issues

It's much nicer NOT to have to write reports all weekend. Sure - yesterday was so freaking freezing we had to start a fire to keep warm, but it did mean that I got to make some forward progress with "Little Monsters" -

The first step was getting some more background colours on. That was actually getting tricky - I guess I should have planned how to spread the colours better so there was more definate balance present, rather than just plowing in with what I thought was "A good idea at the time".
Still - there are no major problems there ( yet ).

I'm not sure about the yellow backing for "The Rascal" there. I think that the gray dragon will get a dark gray backing. I'm really not sure about the pink dragon though. It might have to be a straight white. I've left myself very few options. The only other thing I can think of is purple - but with the Beluga right next to it, there might be too much concentration of purple at that corner. Hmm. No - definately white. I don't want to even think about the springy guy ...


Anonymous said...

Maybe yellow behind the dragon?

I've been looking and I have no other suggestions I'm afraid.

It does look awesome though :)

Seraph said...

Behind the pink one ? That did actually occur to me yesterday. I was thinking it might be too close to the yellow of the hullaballoon ( the helicopter dude ) above it.

Mind you - a pale yellow might work quite well. I might go with that ! Thanks for the help !