Sunday, December 03, 2006

Grinning Black Despair

You know you've spent too long writing school reports when you're tempted to write "JUST F**K OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE YOU B@STARDS !" for every remaining student you have.

77 out of the 96 I have to do done. Only 18 left !

Rapture !

Mind you - then I have to enter all the comments into the freaking electronic markbook ... as well as all the grades I haven't entered yet.

Damn !!!

In other more geeky news - played the BEST game of "Shadows Over Camelot" last night at Jenni and Lee's. Freaking 11 white sword to ONE black ! All the artifacts won ! NO-ONE dead ! I think there may have been under 7 seige engines on the board at the end too. Goddamn - we were so lucky !

Right - I'm going to sit in the sun for a half hour and eat my lunch - before I steel myself to returning to the dungeon of the office and finishing off these thrice cursed reports.


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