Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Ta-dah !

I have spent the first couple of days of the REAL holidays finishing up the "Little Monsters" painting for Jenni. Here is the finished work -

I took it round to Jenni's right away because it would get too hard for me to give up if I kept it around here ! I really liked it in the end as well, though that's good in a way - as if I DIDN'T like it I'm not sure I'd be too comfortable in saying it was finished. Or in giving it to someone.

Jenni seemed to like it a lot, so that was good. Now - to start work on the painting I promised my sister.


Anonymous said...

Looks Awesome Dude!!!
How about a Captain Commando?

Seraph said...

Thanks Bubba ! Hmmmm ... Captain Commando eh ? That's a pretty cool idea ! It would be WAY more complicated ... but I'm sure it's 'do-able' !