Thursday, May 01, 2014

BoS Drawing Challenge - #65 Horror

Taken a bit longer than I would have liked with this one :

This one really needed to be coloured, mainly to bring you the worms.

The creature is a 'Son of Kyuss', or a 'Spawn of Kyuss' as they are called now. They're an undead creature from Dungeons and Dragons. Pretty horrible things - they're sort of zombie / mummy things, corpses filled with these vaguely parasitic grubs. In combat the grubs can leap off the spawn and burrow into new hosts, which if untreated will turn the host into a new spawn. I think that's how they rolled anyway. I don't think I ever had a character who ran into any.

It's the first thing that came into my head when I thought of the theme word - though I thought of arguably better ideas after I'd started the drawing.

On checking up on the Sons of Kyuss in my good old 1st ed. 'Fiend Folio', I found I was a bit wrong in my recollections. Seems the worms / grubs only inhabit the skull ( on infection, they burrow towards the victims brain, killing them when they get there and starting the creation of a new 'son'. I still think the drawing is better with the worms coming out of the wrappings elsewhere on the body - but that's just me

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