Friday, October 25, 2013

Helping Hand - 'Chez Awesome' logo

My good friend Jenni asked me this morning if I would be able to draw something for her - a logo for her flatmate film collective 'Chez Awesome'. As Eek the cat says - it never hurts to help !

The brief - like the MGM logo, but with a kaiju monster instead of a lion.

I did this tonight after the kids were in bed, while I was listening to the audio commentry on the 'Aliens' blu-ray :

Not bad for a first attempt. The scrolling only existing on the right hand side in the original. On photoshop it's an EASY matter to copy, paste and flip horizontal. Copying it by hand in reverse would be a damn sight harder ! A simple text added via Photoshop with some stroke outline, a little bevel and a drop shadow.

The Latin text is supposed to translate to 'Big Monsters Rule'. I think Jenni would approve.

If she likes it, I'll proceed to tidying it up and colouring it.

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Anonymous said...

So great! XD I can't wait to use it in a show