Saturday, October 05, 2013

BoS Drawing Challenge - #32 Night

It's been a busy week. I think I'm mostly recovered from the virus I had, though most nights over the last week I've been REALLY tired, and I've tried to get early nights.

Anyway - I've just finished a rough colour job on number 32, so here it is :

It took a little bit to think of something to link to the theme word of 'night' - and I did think of doing Batman ( the dark knight ) again. Here we have a Night Elf - from the 'World of Warcraft' game. I've never played it - mainly because I know how addicted I'd become to it, and I also abhor the idea of a monthly fee to play a game. I like to think I;ve given this archer slightly more sensible armor than the Night Elves usually seem to have ( it mostly seems like they wear the armored bikini's you see a lot on fantasy art ). I made some errors in the original line work that I was able to fix up easily enough in Photoshop - though I'm not happy with the face. It's well wrong. Other than that it's not too bad.

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