Thursday, March 14, 2013

'Pretty Ugly' - Even more small improvements !

Okay okay - I KNOW it doesn't like I've done anything - but there's about an hour of work here :

- More skin shade on the Plain Girl. Particularly in the eyebrow region.
- Added a 'worry line' to the mouth of the Plain Girl.
- Skin shade on the 'Johnny Red' poster.
- Shade and highlights to the eyes of the girl and the reflection.
- More eyeshadow to the Sexy Reflection, and refinement of what was there ( opacity levels, small adjustments to the shapes ).

Discovered the 'blur' tool too. Gosh - why didn't I find this earlier ? Beats using the Gaussian blur filter so much !

I think now I just have to do some shading on the desk 'stuff', and a bit more development of the Sexy Reflection's skin colour - and it'll be done.

Yay ! I'm pretty pleased with how it's looking now. I hope the clients like it as well !

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