Monday, March 04, 2013

'Pretty Ugly' - Even more base colour

Oh man - kids going mental. Lorenzo is up again - I can hear him squealing and running around upstairs. I've done a little more work tonight filling in empty spaces in the artwork :

I'd better go help wrangle the child.


Rish Outfield said...

Vhat means smiley face on mirror, tovarisch?

Seraph said...

Ah comrade - your question is testament to the glorious spirit of the revolution ! Challenge the power of the artistic means of production and give it over to the voice of the people !

The sticker is a non-decadent embellishment to the mirror, adhering to Bolshevik tenants of form and function. Young running-dog capitalist teenagers often put gaudy stickers on objects. But ALSO comrade - it helps to create / reinforce the sense of the flat plane of the mirror - the sticker rests on it's surface, much like the body of Lenin lies on its granite tomb. I considered the addition of some other stickers ( a glorious soviet-red heart ), a butterfly ( symbolizing the transition from being yoked to aristo oppression to a workers utopia though the chrysalis of revolution ), but in the end I thought perhaps that would be too much. They could always be added later if necessary.

I must now return to supervising my teen gulag of enlightenment. Thank you for your question, Comrade Outfield ! ( and surely the tardiness of my reply need not be reported to the KGB ... ? ).