Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Pretty Ugly' - Wallpaper and line refinement

The Client got in touch with me after I asked him how he thought the whole thing was going. I think he likes how it's going - though he might be a trifle concerned about how hard-out I'm going on this thing. I'm going to take it as a compliment !

You can really see the thing coming together now :

Tonight I experimented with a couple of wallpaper textures - and the stripey lines worked the best. It needed a bit of a stretch ( via transformation - very easy ) and then a couple of copy/paste actions to cover the whole wall. Masked out all the texture over the other bits of the image ( again - easy ). Transformed a small section of the wallpaper, reflected it and put it in the mirror zone.

I've now started refining the lines ( via a mask layer on the path folders - that sounds WAY more complex than it is, trust me ). You should notice some tapering in the ends of the path lines with the Plain Girl - particularly in the hair. Same for the hair of the Sexy Reflection.

Oh yeah - got the last of the vectoring done - the pupils in the Sexy Reflection, and the lipstick and jar reflections ( though those were just layer copies moved and suitably erased ).

Next steps - finish line refinement and then start with the base colours !

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