Wednesday, February 06, 2013

'Pretty Ugly' - Vectors 6

Happy Waitangi day to all my fellow NZers ! Hope you had a good day.

I was hoping to spend more time on the Pretty Ugly cover art today, but ut was not to be. I have spent the last hour and a bit on it though - and made some good improvements.

First and foremost is the foreground arm of the Plain Girl. I really didn't like what I'd done before - it just looked wrong. To correct it I took a picture of myself in a rough approximation of the pose :

It was a little tricky to do this, as our good digital camera is malfunctioning ( thanks to a mishap involving Angelo dropping it on the floor ). I had to use my ipod to take a shot of me standing in front of a mirror downstairs.

Then I brought this image into the Pretty Ugly file - and used the warp transform function to make it fit more with the perspective / dimensions of the Plain Girl. Then I did a rough sketch of the hand as I wanted it, lowered the opacity of that sketch, and used the pen tool to vector out the proper ouline : 
That arm is looking SO much better now. 

I had to do some work on the right arm of the 'Guitar Guy' in the poster - it also looked wrong. Better now. 

Made a start on the detail of the 'Three Guys' poster. 

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