Tuesday, January 22, 2013

'Pretty Ugly' cover - Rough layout / development sketches

The first step was to get a few rough ideas of how I could do this image.

Remember the brief :

My idea--our idea--for the art was of an ugly girl (teen?) standing in front of a mirror, and inside the mirror there's a beautiful girl.

My youngest got a bit of Christmas decoration stuck up his nose, and we had to take him to the after-hours medical centre. I took a sketch book - and in between trying to wrangle an more and more manic 21 month old I managed to do a get a few very rough ideas down :

The client ( I'm not going to get tired of saying that ! ) said that they liked all of them, but the second one appealed to them more. He wasn't keen on the idea of the glasses on the 'ugly' girl though - which was no problem for me ! Glasses gone. I kinda liked where the face on the third one was going - so I'm going to run with that some more.

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