Friday, July 06, 2012

DCA-#4 - More numbers and letters, torso planned

Again, Lorenzo is having a nap. Angelo is outside playing with Viva. So a little more progress.

I'm liking the new plan for the torso letters. THAT'S the way I wanted the whole thing to look ! I might have to redo the 'face' - there's too much empty space there that needs filling up.

I also finally figured out what about the red man is bothering me. It's that foreground leg ! It looks like he's wearing leggings ( or nothing at all ), and that looks weird. The other hand is still bugging me ( the one without fingers ), but I was aware of that before.

Argh - the laptop is almost out of juice. Time for a recharge. I on the other hand have tea for children to start preparing. Woo hoo.  More ( hopefully ) later !

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