Thursday, July 12, 2012

DCA-#4 - 'Man' hair / face vectors

A busy day today. Up to the homestead with the boys. Saw Mum and Dad. Angelo staying for a couple of days - everyone happy ! Lorenzo's chair has been changed to face front now - he was VERY excited about that. Didn't sleep at all on the way back - I think he was watching the lights. Every now and then he made happy sounding exclamations. No tears at all. Very cool.

Not much time to work on the cover art today. I have spent about 40 minutes vectoring out the face and hair lettres for the Man. Well - most of them anyway :

There's a little bit of hair to finish - and then that's it for the base shapes. Next - I need to adjust the colours present ( the flesh tone of the Woman in particular needs attention ). Then the story title and by-line needs to be added. Possible make the background different / more interesting. Add the Dunesteef logo - and we're done !

More tomorrow.


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