Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dunesteef cover #4 - HIJ - Hobo outlines

I've been pretty busy this week with work, and when I'm not doing stuff with the kids at home I've been slaving away on Angelo's pinata ( which is up to the 3rd and final layer of paper mache ).

But - I did take some some to get some more of the initial outlines done on the HIJ cover art :

I've started to use a new and separate layer for everything now. The Hobo costumed child is made up of about eight individual layers ( eyes / nose / nose joins / hat brim / hat top / hat ribbon / neck and shoulders / face outline ). I'm finding this is really useful for making adjustments to the image. If I don't like one this - I can easily delete it or erase bits of it without doing any damage to the other bits. When it's all done to my liking, I simply merge all the layers into a single master outline layer.

I really shudder to think of my early photoshop stuff which was ALL on ONE layer. Sheesh.

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